About Fat Beard

Fat Beard™ is a full-service marketing and advertising firm in the Las Vegas area specializing in Branding, Web & Graphic Design, Web Development, WordPress Development & Theme Design, Internet Marketing, SEO & SEM, Business & Event Promotion, Animation, and more!

The Fat Beard Team

Danny “Fat Beard” Ballard

Danny, or Fat Beard as he’s become known as in Las Vegas, has over 16 years of professional Internet Business Consulting experience and has helped literally hundreds of businesses in that time with their Internet presence.

Danny began the path to his Internet career at McPherson College where he interned as the college’s webmaster in 1997 and 1998. Shortly after leaving McPherson College, he started his first business, Triad Custom Web Designs. His first client was Cake Art Designs, a family-owned bakery in High Point, NC. After moving to Texas in 2002, he dropped the “Triad” from his business’ name and expanded to offer his services nationwide as Custom Web Designs.

In 2010, Danny moved to Las Vegas where he met Jay Trujillo. The two of them co-founded Fat Beard Studios in May of 2011. Their first client together was Perk Up Coffee Shop in Southern Highlands. One year later, Jay left Fat Beard Studios to be the Creative Director for Creative Hierarchy Group.

After Jay’s departure, the focus of Fat Beard Studios shifted from that of just a design studio to a full-service marketing and advertising firm, offering additional services like Internet Marketing, SEO & SEM, Social Media Marketing & Management, Email Marketing, Print Services, Promotional Items, Business & Event Promotional Services, Photography, Animation, and much, much more. In May of 2014, Danny dropped the “Studios” and formed Fat Beard LLC, a Nevada Limited-Liability Company.

Bryan Maille

Bryan is an accomplished Animator/Illustrator with over 17 years of professional animation experience. Over the span of his career, Bryan has worked on several popular animations you may have heard of including The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Dexter’s Laboratory, Rugrats, The Mask, and Jumanji.

Bryan has worked with some of the biggest names in animation on the planet, ranging from Cartoon Network to NBC. He even spent two years working with Will I. Am as his Director of Original Animations before joining Fat Beard in May of 2011.

Bryan is the talent behind FAToons™, our digitally illustrated caricatures, like the ones of us on the left of this page.

Gian Carlo Chamberlain

Carlo joined Fat Beard in June of 2014 after serving as the Creative Director for Stop Buggn Pest Control in Las Vegas for over three years. Prior to that, he honed his passion for art at the Art Institute of Las Vegas where he studied both animation and film.

Carlo’s been in love with creating art for as long as he can remember and he creates various forms of physical and digital art every single day. His focus here at Fat Beard is on animation for the time being, but we expect big things from him, so don’t be surprised if you see his name on more than that soon.