Rock Band Karaoke at Double Shots Bar & Gaming with Nerd Farm


Photos from Rock Band Karaoke on April 27, 2016
Rock Band Karaoke

Rock Band Karaoke Returns!

Fat Beard presents the Return of Rock Band Karaoke with Nerd Farm at Double Shots Bar & Gaming in Las Vegas!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Rock Band Karaoke at Double Shots with Nerd Farm last Wednesday and congratulations to all of the evening’s prize winners. We’d also like to thank Cosmic Comics, who provided hundreds of dollars worth of prizes for those lucky winners, and Zombie Dogs Food Truck, who served up plenty of delicious food to those in attendance.

It had been a while since we held a Rock Band Karaoke Party. In fact, the last one was back in December of 2014 when we joined Cosmic Comics at Sauce for “A Very Rock Band Cosplay Christmas” to benefit Critical Care Comics. With the recent release of Rock Band 4, Nerd Farm approached us about knocking the dust off the Rock Band Vegas website and “getting the band back together” for more events. We approached Double Shots about the idea since we had such a fun time doing The Watching Dead Season Six Finale Viewing Party there and they were happy to have us.

Below are the Rock Band Karaoke photos we took at the party. Please feel free to download and share them.

Thanks again for coming out and we hope that everyone had a great time. If you were one of the unlucky ones who missed out, don’t fret! We are returning to Double Shots with Nerd Farm for another Rock Band Karaoke party on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. Be sure to check our website and Facebook page often to stay up-to-date on our latest happenings in and around Vegas.

rock band karaoke

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